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Founder: Mourad EL BAGHDADI

 » Our mission is to empower your workforce by delivering tailored recruitment solutions that align with your unique organizational goals and culture.   « 

With a rich history spanning over a decade in CV sourcing and recruitment, Mourad has been instrumental in elevating the hiring processes of prominent European and international firms, including Amaris, Setelia, NSF International, Daikin Europe, among others.

In 2019, inspired by his zeal for linking businesses with elite talent, Mourad established Certis. Armed with a clear vision and vast expertise, he envisioned Certis as the premier choice for those in pursuit of exemplary CV sourcing and recruitment services.

Guided by Mourad’s leadership, Certis has evolved into a trusted ally for enterprises aiming to sculpt high-achieving teams. Prioritizing excellence and bespoke solutions, Mourad, alongside his Certis ensemble, is committed to propelling your organization to new heights via adept sourcing and recruitment strategies.


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At Certis, we firmly believe that behind every successful organization is a meticulously selected team of dedicated professionals. The cornerstone of any flourishing enterprise is not just its strategy or resources but the exceptional individuals driving its vision forward.

As a distinguished recruitment consultancy, our prowess lies in our ability to identify and connect remarkable talent with dynamic and forward-thinking companies. Our deep industry insights, combined with a meticulous approach to understanding both client and candidate needs, ensure that we don’t just fill vacancies – we provide matches that thrive. By linking extraordinary talent with the enterprises that need them the most, we play a pivotal role in empowering companies, fueling their upward trajectory, and ensuring sustained growth. Our commitment extends beyond mere recruitment; we are partners in our clients’ journey towards unparalleled success and innovation.

Our values

Excellence: A commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in our service.

Integrity: Acting with honesty and upholding moral principles, reflecting their deep sense of ethics and transparency.

Professionalism: Approaching tasks and interactions with a high level of expertise and courtesy.

Trust: Fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect with clients and candidates.

Collaboration: Emphasizing teamwork and a collaborative approach to understand and cater to unique client needs.

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Sans titre (1114 x 2121 px) (1300 x 2400 px) (2000 x 2400 px) (600 x 800 px)

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