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Mastering technical sourcing

At Certis, we have a unique proficiency in technical sourcing, allowing us to pinpoint and engage the best talent in the dynamic tech landscape. Our adept recruitment team understands the nuances of technical positions, recognizing the essential skills, credentials, and experiences needed to thrive in such roles.

Expertise in technical sourcing

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Beyond tech skills

Effective recruitment in the IT sector is pivotal for hiring high-caliber professionals equipped with both specialized skills and soft talents like communication and teamwork. Such a holistic hiring approach ensures innovation and project success. With the industry’s competitive nature and limited talent pool, this recruitment strategy empowers companies with a forward-thinking workforce, driving innovation and sustained growth in today’s digital age.


Technical sourcing

we ensure that you have access to the most qualified candidates who possess the technical prowess


Qualitative recruitment

Qualitative recruitment in the IT sector goes beyond technical competencies

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