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Certis provides one or more recruiters at your disposal

CVs Sourcing

Certis provides you with CVs on a daily basis


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Access to one or more recruitment experts
  • Our recruiters are available for both full-time and part-time
  • Our recruitment professionals specialize in CVs sourcing and talent acquisition.
  • All of our recruiters are fluent in both English and French, among other languages.
  • Our recruiters have extensive experience in the European candidate markets.

CVs sourcing

Good team search

Certis provides a customized CV sourcing solution, recognizing that many organizations like to handle the screening and selection process. Using our expansive network and cutting-edge methods, our team presents a daily set of top-tier CVs. This prompt and effective service ensures clients tap into a broad range of candidates, allowing them to focus on subsequent recruitment phases.

How does it work?

Staffing : Permanent recruitment

Certis provides all-encompassing staffing solutions to assist our clients in locating premier candidates for their in-house roles.

Our adept team of recruiters collaborates intimately with companies to grasp their staffing requisites. We pinpoint and engage outstanding professionals in line with the client’s specifications and company objectives.

Through our meticulous vetting and evaluations, we ensure clients receive candidates with both the essential credentials and a harmonious fit for their corporate culture. With our staffing expertise, clients can assuredly onboard the perfect candidate poised to drive their company’s advancement and triumph.

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